Anthemis arvensis L.
  • Sp. Pl.: 894 (1753)

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Annuals (sometimes persisting), (5–)10–30+[–80] cm, not notably scented. Stems green or reddish, decumbent (sometimes rooting at nodes) or ascending to erect, branched mostly proximally, ± strigoso-sericeous or villous, glabrescent. Leaf blades 15–35 × 8–16 mm, 1–2-pinnately lobed (ultimate lobes triangular to narrowly elliptic or linear). Peduncles mostly 4–15 cm (sometimes clavate in fruit). Involucres 6–13 mm diam., ± villous. Receptacles paleate throughout; paleae lanceolate to oblanceolate, weakly navicular (± carinate), 3–4+ mm (including acuminate-spinose tips). Ray florets 5–20, pistillate, fertile; corollas white, rarely tinged with pink, laminae 5–15 mm. Disc corollas (sometimes tinged with purple) 2–3(–4) mm. Cypselae 1.7–2+ mm, ribs smooth or weakly tuberculate (sometimes separated by relatively deep furrows); pappi 0 or coroniform (0.01+ mm). 2n = 18.

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    "Similar to no. 3 [Anthemis cotula L.], commonly a little more hairy, and not ill-scented; lvs appearing a little less finely dissected; heads averaging a little larger; rays pistillate and fertile; receptacle chaffy throughout, its bracts softer, paleaceous, with short, cuspidate awn-tip; achenes not tuberculate; 2n=18. Fields and waste places; native of Europe, naturalized over most of the U.S., and widespread in our range. May–Aug."

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