Arnoseris minima (L.) Schweigg. & Körte
  • Arnoséris minime

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General Information

"Plant 5–30 dm, glabrous or minutely granular-hairy; basal lvs oblanceolate or broader, mostly toothed, 0.5–7 cm × 2–15 mm; peduncles conspicuously inflated for some distance below the heads; invol 4–7 mm, its 10–22 bracts narrow; achenes 1.5–2 mm, often slightly rugose as well as strongly ribbed, otherwise glabrous, shining; 2n=18. Fields and waste places; native of Europe, but found occasionally from N.S., N.B., and Me. to Pa., O., and Mich., perhaps not becoming fully established. June–Sept."

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    5–20 cm hoch, mit mehreren dünnen, blattlosen, unter den Köpfen keulig verdickten Stängeln. Blätter grundständig. Blüten goldgelb. Kopfdurchmesser ca. 1 cm. Früchte 1–2 mm lang, ohne Pappus.

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    Other Local Names

    Arnoséris minimeFrenchCH


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