Picris echioides L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 792 (1753)
  • Bristly oxtongue

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General Information

Coarse, somewhat spiny-hispid annual 3–8 dm; lvs toothed or entire, the lower oblanceolate and petioled, the others more lanceolate or oblong, sessile and somewhat clasping, the blade to 25 × 7 cm; invol 1–2 cm, biseriate, the inner bracts narrow, commonly with a subterminal spiny awn-tip, the outer 3–5 foliaceous, ovate or lance- ovate, 3.5–8 mm wide, not much if at all shorter than the inner; achenes distinctly slender-beaked, the body 2–4 mm, the beak nearly as long, or longer, very fragile near its base; outer achenes half-moon-shaped, pale, woolly, partly enfolded by the bracts, the others narrower, shining, brown, rugulose, obscurely nerved; 2n=10. Fields and waste places; native of Europe, occasionally found in our range. July–Sept.

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    Ähnlich wie P. hieracioides, aber Borsten oft auf Knötchen sitzend, äussere Hüllblätter nur 3–5, fast so lang wie die inneren, 4–7 mm breit, aufrecht. Früchte 6–9 mm lang, gerade und geschnäbelt, Schnabel dünn, länger als der Rest der Frucht

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    7–10. Äcker, Ufer, Schuttplätze, Weinberge, kollin. M, J, vereinzelt A.

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    Nationally Preferred Names

    Bristly oxtongueEnglishIE
    Teanga bhó gharbhIrishIE

    Other Local Names

    Natterkopfartiges BitterkrautGermanCH
    Aspraggine volgareItalianCH
    Picride vipérineFrenchCH
    Teanga bóIrishIE


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