Deinandra floribunda Davidson & Moxley
  • Fl. S. Calif. : 401 (1923)

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General Information

Annuals, 30–100 cm. Stems ± solid. Leaves: proximal blades entire or toothed, faces pilose and stipitate-glandular. Heads in racemiform-paniculiform arrays (often narrow; side branches strict, short). Bracts subtending heads overlapping proximal 0–1/2+ of each involucre or not. Phyllaries ± evenly stipitate-glandular, including margins and apices, usually with non-glandular, non-pustule-based hairs as well. Paleae in 1 series. Ray florets 13–20; laminae deep yellow, 4–7 mm. Disc florets 24–31, all or mostly bisexual; anthers reddish to dark purple. Pappi of 6–10 (often rufous and/or flecked), oblong to elliptic, fringed scales 0.7–1.5 mm. 2n = 26.

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