Bellis perennis L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Daisy

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General Information

Herbs, perennial or annual, scapose, 10-25 cm tall; scape sparsely villosulous, strigose, sparsely, minutely stipitate glandular distally (near capitulum). Leaves basal, rosulate, petiole long, winged, blade spatulate, 2-6 × 0.9-2.8 cm, base attenuate, margin serrate to crenate, apex obtuse, sometimes retuse, mucronulate. Capitula terminal, solitary. Involucre hemispheric or broadly campanulate, 5-6 mm; phyllaries 2-seriate, subequal, oblanceolate, leaflike, surfaces sparsely villous, margin narrowly scarious, sparsely ciliate, midvein thin, translucent, apex obtuse, scarious, ciliate. Ray florets white or pinkish, lamina ca. 10 × 1 mm; disk florets yellow, ca. 2 mm, limb campanulate, ca. 1.5 mm, sparsely hairy proximally, lobes erect, triangular, ca. 0.5 mm, eglandular. Achenes strigillose. Pappus absent.

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    Rhizomes short, erect, herbaceous. Leaves: petioles winged, equaling or longer than blades; blades 6–40 × 4–20 mm, bases ± attenuate, apices rounded. Peduncles lax, (3–)5–15(–20) cm. Phyllaries: margins ciliolate, particularly distally, apices obtuse. Ray corollas 4–8(–11) mm. Disc corollas 1.5 mm. Cypselae 1–2 mm. 2n = 18.

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    "Fibrous-rooted, scapose perennial, ± spreading-hairy; lf-blades elliptic or ovate to orbicular, dentate or denticulate, to 4 × 2 cm, narrowed to a margined petiole of equal or greater length; scape 5–15 cm; disk 5–10 mm wide; rays numerous, white to pink, to 1 cm; 2n=18. A weed in lawns and waste places, intr. from n. Europe and ± established throughout n. U.S. Apr.–Nov."

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    5–15 cm hoch. Stängel blattlos, einköpfig. Blätter in grundständiger Rosette, verkehrt-eiförmig, meist stumpf gezähnt, behaart bis fast kahl, in den Stiel verschmälert. Blütenköpfe im Durchmesser 1–3 cm, mit gelben Röhrenblüten und weissen Zunge

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    2–11. Wiesen, Weiden, Rasen, kollin-subalpin(-alpin). CH.

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    Other Local Names

    Pâquerette vivaceFrenchCH
    Bó dhonnIrishIE
    Neóinín bánIrishIE
    Pratolina comune, MargheritinaItalianCH


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