Arctium lappa L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Cnádán mór

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General Information

Herbs to 2 m tall, biennial. Stem purplish, erect, stout, apically branched, sparsely cobwebby; branches ascending. Leaves abaxially grayish white or pale green and thinly felted, adaxially green, sparsely strigose, and yellow gland-dotted. Basal leaves with petiole ca. 32 cm; leaf blade broadly heart-shaped, ca. 30 × 21 cm, margin entire and repand to mucronulate denticulate. Cauline leaves similar to basal leaves or ovate; uppermost cauline leaves ovate to shallowly cordate, smaller. Capitula few to many, ± corymbose. Involucre ovoid, 1.5-2 cm in diam., glabrous except for minute glandular hairs. Phyllaries all with a hooked apex; outer phyllaries triangular to lanceolate-subulate, ca. 15 × 1 mm; middle and inner phyllaries lanceolate to linear-subulate, ca. 15 × 1.5-3 mm. Corolla purplish red, ca. 1.4 cm, tube ca. 8 mm. Achene pale brown variegated with dark brown or concolorous, narrowly sometimes obliquely obovoid, 5-7 mm, multistriate. Pappus bristles to 3.5 mm. Fl. and fr. Jun-Sep. 2n = 18, 34, 36.

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    Plants to 100–300 cm. Basal leaves: petioles solid, 15–36 cm, glabrous or thinly cobwebby; blades 25–80 × 20–70 cm, coarsely dentate to subentire, abaxially thinly gray-tomentose, adaxially green, sparsely short-hairy to nearly glabrous. Heads usually in corymbiform clusters, long-pedunculate. Peduncles 2.5–6 cm. Involucres 25–45 mm diam. Phyllaries linear to linear-lanceolate, glabrous to loosely cobwebby, inner usually stramineous (sometimes purplish), margins with minute spreading or reflexed hairs. Florets 40+; corollas purple (occasionally white), 9–14 mm, glabrous. Cypselae light brown, often with darker spots, 6–7.5 mm; pappus bristles 2–5 mm. 2n = 32 (Japan), 34 (China), 36 (Japan); (Sweden).

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    "To 1.5 or even 3 m; lvs petiolate, the petioles mostly solid, progressively shorter upwards, the blade ovate or broader, cordate, to 5 × 3 dm, thinly tomentose beneath, subglabrous above; infl corymbiform, with long, glandular or glandular-hairy peduncles commonly 3–10 cm; heads large, the invol (2.5–)3–4 cm wide, generally equaling or surpassing the fls, glabrous or slightly glandular, and often with a few long cobwebby hairs; achenes 6–7 mm; 2n=32, 36. Native of Eurasia, sparingly established as a weed along roadsides and in waste places over most of the n. U.S. and adj. Can. Aug.–Oct."

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    Ähnlich wie A. minus, aber bis 150 cm hoch, Stiel der Grundblätter mit Mark ausgefüllt. Köpfe meist in doldiger Rispe, Durchmesser 3–4,5 cm, 3–10 cm lang gestielt (Stiel meist deutlich länger als der Kopf), Hüllblätter kaum spinnwebig, auch

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    7–9. Wegränder, Schuttplätze, kollin-montan(-subalpin). CH.

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    Distribution Map

    • Native distribution
    Found in
    • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

    Nationally Preferred Names

    Cnádán mórIrishIE
    Great burdockEnglishIE

    Other Local Names

    Brager grondRaeto-RomanceCH
    Bardane communeFrenchCH
    Suirichean suirichIrishIE
    Grosse KletteGermanCH
    Liodán liostaIrishIE
    Bardana maggiore, Lappa bardanaItalianCH


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