Bidens aristosa (Michx.) Britton
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Annuals, (15–)30–60(–150) cm. Leaves: petioles 10–30 mm; blades lanceolate to lance-linear overall, 30–80(–150) × 10–30(–50) mm, usually laciniately pinnatisect, primary lobes 3–7+, 15–60+ × 2–20 mm, bases cuneate, ultimate margins laciniate to serrate, ciliate, apices acuminate, faces glabrous or sparsely scabrellous. Heads in ± corymbiform arrays. Peduncles (10–)30–80+ mm. Calyculi of 8–12(–16) usually spreading to reflexed, linear, seldom foliaceous bractlets (4–)5–7(–12) mm, margins entire, ciliate, abaxial faces glabrous or ± scabrellous. Involucres ± hemispheric or broader, 6–8(–12) × 10–15 mm. Phyllaries 7–8(–13), lance-ovate to lance-linear, 6–8(–12) mm. Ray florets (5–)8–10+; laminae yellow, 10–25 mm. Disc florets (12–)20–40+; corollas yellowish, 2–3+ mm. Cypselae red-brown to blackish, ± flattened (unequally 3–4-angled), broadly cuneate, outer (4–)5–6 mm, inner 5–7 mm (lengths mostly 1.5–2.5 times widths), margins (± corky-winged) patently to antrorsely barbed, apices truncate to concave, faces weakly striate, sometimes tuberculate, glabrous or sparsely strigillose; pappi 0, or of 2(–4) spreading to divergent, antrorsely or retrorsely barbed awns (0.5–)2–4(–6) mm.

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    "Annual or biennial, 3-15 dm, glabrous or slightly hairy; lvs pinnately or bipinnately divided or compound, 5-15 cm including the 1-3 cm petiole, the segments lanceolate or lance-linear, acuminate, incised-serrate or pinnatifid; rays ca 8, 1-2.5 cm; disk 8-15 mm wide; outer invol bracts mostly ca 8(-10), linear, 5-12 mm, mostly shorter than the inner, straight, the back glabrous or finely short-hairy, the margins smooth or moderately ciliate; achenes flat, 5-7 mm, mostly 1.5-2(-2.5) times as long as wide, strigose, the margins antrorsely ciliate and commonly narrow and interruptedly thickish-winged; pappus of 2(-4) antrorsely or retrorsely barbed awns, or none. Wet places, most often in shade; Me. to Minn., s. to Va., Okla., and Tex., probably only intr. eastward. Aug.-Nov."

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