Indigofera oblongifolia Forssk.

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Shrub with many stout branches, pubescent. Leaf imparipinnately com¬pound, rarely unifoliolate, generally 3-5-foliolate, leaflets alternate, c. 1.5-2.6 cm long, c. 6-13 mm broad, oblanceolate or elliptic-oblong, pubescent on both sides; petiole c. 6-13 mm long; stipules c. 3-3.5 mm long. Inflorescence a raceme up to 10 cm long. Pedicel short. Calyx c. 2-2.5 mm long, pubescent outside, teeth c. 1.25 mm long. Corolla red. Vexillum c. 5-10 mm long, pubescent externally. Fruit 1.2-2.0 cm long, slightly curved, torulose, hoary when young, hairs appres¬sed, 6-8-seeded.

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    An erect silvery glaucous shrublet of arid areas, up to 6 ft. high.

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