Astragalus cicer L.
  • Astragalo cece selvatico

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General Information

"Diffuse, leafy perennial with prostrate or weakly ascending stems 2.5–7 dm; stipules of middle and upper lvs connate below or not, lanceolate, narrowly pointed, usually deflexed; lfls 17–29(–31), lance-elliptic or oblong, 0.5–3.5 cm, pubescent at least beneath; peduncles 4–11 cm, shorter than the subtending lf; cor ochroleucous, 12–16 mm; fr ascending or spreading, bilocular, hairy, subsessile, firm-walled, broadly ovoid or subglobose, 6–14 × 5–8(–10) mm. Native of Europe, casually intr. in disturbed moist places in w. U.S., and rarely established with us, as in Ingham Co., Mich."

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    Stängel 20–80 cm, niederliegend oder über andere Pflanzen klimmend, wie die Blätter anliegend behaart. Blätter unpaarig gefiedert, mit 8–15 Fiederpaaren. Teilblätter schmal-oval, 1–3 cm lang, nach oben kleiner werdend. Blüten hellgelb, zu 8–

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    6–7. Trockenwiesen, Gebüsche, in warmen Lagen, kollin-montan(-subalpin). VS, GR, vereinzelt MW und J.

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    Other Local Names

    Astragalo cece selvaticoItalianCH
    Astragale pois chicheFrenchCH


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