Wisteria sinensis (Sims) Sweet
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Lianas, to 25 m. Stems twined leftward, white villous when young, soon glabrescent. Leaves 7-13-foliolate; rachis 15-25 cm, including petiole 3-5 cm; leaflet blades elliptic-ovate to lanceolate-ovate, 5-8 × 2-4 cm with basal pair smallest and becoming larger apically, both surfaces appressed pubescent when young but glabrescent, base rounded to cuneate and some­what asymmetric, apex attenuate to caudate. Racemes terminal or axillary from branchlets of previous year, 15-30 × 8-10 cm, white villous. Pedicel 2-3 cm, slender. Flowers 2-2.5 cm, fra­grant. Calyx with adaxial tooth longer than others. Corolla pur­ple or occasionally white; standard orbicular, sometimes retuse, glabrous, apex truncate. Ovary tomentose, with 6-8 ovules. Leg­ume oblanceolate, 10-15 × 1.5-2 cm, tomentose, hanging on branches persistently. Seeds 1-3 per legume, brown, thickly len­ticular, ca. 1.5 cm in diam., shiny. Fl. Apr-May, fr. May-Aug. 2n = 16.

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    "With 7–13 lfls and shorter (1.5–2 dm) racemes of slightly larger (2.5 cm) fls opening almost simultaneously, also escapes in our range, especially southward."

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    Woody climber, deciduous. Leaf imparipinnate, c. 30 cm long; leaflets 7-11, c. 6-7.5 cm long, c. 2-3 cm broad, elliptic-lanceolate, acute or acuminate, densely pubescent when young; petiolule, c. 2.5 mm long; stipels c. 5 mm long. Inflorescence a pendulous raceme c. 20-30 cm long, pedicel c. 1.8-2.0 cm long. Calyx c. 5 mm long, densely pubescent, teeth unequal, the lowest the longest. Vexillum c. 2.5 cm long, with 2 appendages at the top of the claw. Fruit 10.0-12.5 cm long, oblanceolate, flattened, velvety.

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    Bis 20 m hoher, windender Strauch. Blätter unpaarig gefiedert, mit 3–6 Fiederpaaren, wie die Zweige kurz seidig behaart. Teilblätter lanzettlich, ganzrandig, spitz, kurz gestielt, 4–8 cm lang. Blüten in vielblütigen, hängenden Trauben, lila bis

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    4–5. Als Spalierstrauch kultiviert, selten verwildert, kollin.

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