Isodon japonicus (Burm.f.) H.Hara
  • Enum. Sperm. Jap.

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General Information

Herbs perennial. Stems erect, 40-150 cm tall, base woody, subglabrous, apex pubescent, glandular, much branched. Petioles 1-3.5 cm, pubescent; leaf blades ovate to broadly ovate, (4-)6.5-13 × (2.5-)3-7 cm, papery, pubescent or puberulent, glandular, adaxially dark green, abaxially greenish, base broadly cuneate, abruptly attenuate, margin crenate-serrate, apex acuminate, apical tooth ovate to lanceolate; lateral veins 5-paired, elevated. Panicles loose, patent, terminal; cymes (3-)5-7-flowered, pedunculate, pubescent, glandular; floral leaves ovate, much shorter than cymes, except basal 1 or 2; bracteoles linear, ca. 1 mm. Calyx campanulate, 1.5-2 mm, bluish or densely appressed whitish pubescent outside; teeth triangular, 0.5-0.7 mm, apex acute, lower 2 slightly longer and wider; fruiting calyx tubular-campanulate, to 4 mm, conspicuously veined, slightly curved. Corolla purplish to blue, with dark spots on upper lip, ca. 5 mm. Stamens exserted. Style exserted. Nutlets brownish, triquetrous, ovoid, ca. 1.5 mm, glabrous except apex verruculose. Fl. Jul-Aug, fr. Sep-Oct.

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