Macropanax serratifolius K.M.Feng & Y.R.Li
  • in Fl. Yunnanica

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General Information

Trees, 10-12 m tall, probably andromonoecious. Petiole 10-20 cm; petiolules 1-4.5 cm; leaflets 3 or 4, narrowly elliptic to slightly ovate or obovate, 9-20 × 3-7 cm, subleathery, both surfaces glabrous, secondary veins 7-10 pairs, tertiary veins distinct, raised on both surfaces, base acute to cuneate, margin sparsely to moderately serrate, apex acuminate. Inflorescence paniculate, densely shortly white pubescent; primary axis 23-30 cm; secondary axes to 14 cm, with a terminal umbel of bisexual flowers and a pair of closely spaced lateral scars (presumably of umbels with male flowers); pedicels 1-1.3 cm in fruit. Calyx inconspicuous, minutely 5-toothed. Fruit broadly ovoid to subglobose, 4-6 mm in diam.; styles persistent, undivided. Fr. Nov, Apr.

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