Michelia flaviflora Y.W.Law & Y.F.Wu
  • Acta Bot. Yunnan.

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General Information

Trees, ca. 15 m tall. Old twigs scattered with lenticels; young twigs brown tomentulose; buds pale yellow tomentose. Stipules free from petiole. Petiole 0.5-1.2 cm, tomentulose, without a stipular scar, base slightly flattened; leaf blade narrowly ovate to narrowly elliptic, 15-24 × 3.6-5.5 cm, papery, abaxially glaucous and brown sericeous, adaxially green and glabrous, midvein adaxially slightly prominent to flat, secondary veins 16-24 on each side of midvein, base cuneate, apex acuminate. Brachyblasts ca. 1 cm, yellow tomentose. Flowers fragrant. Tepals 15, pale yellow, oblanceolate. Stamens ca. 90, 1.1-1.5 cm; connective exserted and forming a 1-2 mm sharp tip; anthers 7-10 mm. Gynophore ca. 1 cm, tomentose; gynoecium narrowly ovoid, ca. 1.2 cm; carpels many, ovoid, ca. 4 mm, distinct, densely villous; styles ca. 2 mm. Fruit not seen. Fl. Feb.

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