Peltandra virginica (L.) Schott
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  • Arrow arum, t Arrow arum, u tTuckahoe, peltandre

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General Information

Leaves: petiole green to purple-green, 38--98 cm; blade medium green, not glaucous or slightly glaucous abaxially, 9--57 ´ (2.5--)5--15(--31) cm, larger on average and more variable in shape than in Peltandra sagittifolia; lateral veins of 2 thicknesses. Inflorescences 7--25 cm; peduncle 20--56 cm; spathe tube green outside, paler green within, closed; 1.5--3.5(--5.2) ´ 0.7--1.9 cm; spathe blade green to green with white or yellow-green along margins, loosening only to slightly open to fully open at anthesis, (5.9--)8.5--21.4 ´ 0.5--2.3 cm, margins undulate; spadix tapering apically, more than 1/2 to almost as long as spathe. Flowers: pistillate flowers pale green to greenish white, ovaries 1-locular; ovules 1--4; staminate portion of spadix white, cream white, or pale yellow; sterile flowers between pistillate and staminate flowers; sterile tip 0.5--2 cm. Infructescences enclosed by spathe tube, rotting away to release fruits. Fruits pea green to mottled green or very dark purple-green, 10--18 ´ 6--16 mm. Seeds 1--2(--4), embedded in mucilage, 8--17 mm. 2n = 112.

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    "Lvs oblong to broadly triangular, 1–3 dm at anthesis, larger later, a strong nerve descending into each of the divergent or parallel, acute to rounded basal lobes; scape 2–4 dm, recurved in fr; spathe green with pale margin, 1–2 dm, the part above the pistillate fls deliquescent in age, the lower part enclosing the fr; spadix nearly as long as the spathe, white to orange, the lower fifth pistillate; fr a head of brown berries, the 1–3 seeds surrounded by gelatinous material; 2n=88, 112. Swamps and shallow water; s. Me. to Fla., w. to Mich., Mo., and Tex. Late spring. (P. luteospadix)"

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    Other Local Names

    Arrow arum, t Arrow arum, u tTuckahoe, peltandre


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