Satureja hortensis L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Santoreggia domestica

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General Information

"Much branched annual; stems 1–3 dm, finely hairy; lvs linear to narrowly oblanceolate, often revolute, 1–2 cm; fls few in the uppermost axils, subsessile, subtended by reduced lvs and separated by short internodes, forming compact, spike-like, often secund infls; cal nearly regular, 5 mm, the lobes about equaling the tube; cor pale pink-purple to white, 5–7 mm; style-branches short, slender, subequal; 2n=45–48. Native of the Mediterranean region and sw. Asia, escaped from cult. here and there in our range. July–Sept."

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    Annual to 35 cm. Stems branched with very short retrorse white hairs. Leaves spread over stem, linear to linear-lanceolate, 10-20 x 1-3 mm, tapering into an inconspicuous petiole, gland-dotted, with few simple hairs. Verticillasters conferted or distant, with 5-15 congested or lax flowers. Bracts c. 1.5 x length of calyces. Calyx ± bilabiate, 3-5 mm, gland-dotted and with simple hairs; teeth narrow linear to subulate, apiculate, to 3 mm, lower somewhat longer than upper. Corolla lilac, pink or white, 5-10 mm; tube included in or somewhat exserted from calyx. Nutlets broad oblong-ovoid, pale brown, 1-1.4 mm long.

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    10–30 cm hoch, nicht verholzt, kurz behaart, meist reich verzweigt, mit aufrechten Ästen, einjährig, stark aromatisch. Stängel oft rötlich. Blätter schmal-lanzettlich, ganzrandig, kurz gestielt, 1–3 cm lang. Blüten zu 1–3 in den obersten Bla

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    7–9. Kultiviert und gelegentlich verwildert, kollin-montan.

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    Other Local Names

    Santoreggia domesticaItalianCH
    Echtes BohnenkrautGermanCH
    Saturegia cultivadaRaeto-RomanceCH
    Sarriette communeFrenchCH


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