Scutellaria galericulata L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Skullcap

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General Information

Herbs perennial, rhizomatous. Stems erect, 35-40 cm tall, slightly grooved, glabrous except for sparsely retrorse pubescent angles, leafless basally, much branched upward. Petiole 2-7 mm; leaf blade oblong-lanceolate, 1.5-6 × 0.8-3 cm, larger basally, membranous to papery, pubescent, base shallowly cordate, margin crenate-serrate, apex acute. Flowers axillary on apical part of stem, secund; pedicel ca. 2 mm, densely retrorse pubescent. Calyx ca. 3.5 mm, densely white pubescent outside, to 5 mm in fruit; scutellum ca. 0.8 mm, erect, to 1.5 mm in fruit. Corolla purple to blue, ca. 1.8 cm, glandular pubescent outside, lips partly puberulent; tube base slightly saccate, throat 3.5-5 mm wide; upper lip semicircular, ca. 2.5 mm wide; middle lobe of lower lip triangular-ovate, apex emarginate; lateral lobes oblong, ca. 1.5 mm wide. Nutlets yellow, triquetrous, ovoid, ca. 1 mm in diam., tuberculate, adaxially umbonate at middle. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Jul-Aug.

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    "Rhizomatous perennial; stems weak but mostly erect, 2–8 dm, retrorsely strigose-puberulent especially along the angles, or less often glabrous or glandular; lvs barely or scarcely petiolate, the blade lanceolate to narrowly ovate-oblong, pinnately veined, mostly blunt-toothed, 2–6 cm × 6–20 mm, truncate-subcordate at base, glabrous above, usually puberulent beneath; fls solitary in the axils of slightly reduced lvs; cal 3.5–4.5 mm; cor blue marked with white, 1.2–2 cm; 2n=32. Wet soil; circumboreal, s. to Del., Ind., Mo., and Calif. June–Aug. (S. epilobiifolia)"

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    Perennial herb with a slender creeping rhizome. Stems 20-60 cm, ascending or erect, acutely quadrangular, leafy, simple or branched with very short crisped retrorse eglandular white hairs. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, 7-45 x 3-15 mm, decreasing in size up the stem, weakly crenulate, sometimes revolute, cordate-truncate, acute, with a very short eglandular indumentum denser below, upper surface sometimes glabrous; lower leaves with a petiole up to 2 cm, upper sessile. Inflorescence lax, terminal; flowers secund, in axils of upper leaves. Pedicels 1-1.5 mm, erect-spreading, with very small basal scales, terete. Calyx 3-3.5 mm in flower, enlarging in fruit to 4.5 mm and with a 2 mm high scutellum, with a similar indumentum but denser to that of stem. Corolla blue to violet-blue with some white markings, 12-16 mm, densely pilose; tube 8-10 mm; lower lip glabrous. Nutlets prominently tuberculate, orange-brown, c. 1.5 x 1 mm.

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    15–60 cm hoch, behaart. Blätter breit-lanzettlich, kurz gestielt, 2–5 cm lang, breit gezähnt. Blüten in wenigen einseitswendigen Paaren in den oberen Blattwinkeln, kurz gestielt. Krone violettblau, 10–15 mm lang, mit langer, aufwärts

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    6–9. Flachmoore, Ufer, kollin-montan. M, J, südliches TI, sonst vereinzelt.

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    Other Local Names

    Scutellaria palustreItalianCH
    Scutella da palìRaeto-RomanceCH
    Scutellaire à casqueFrenchCH


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