Teucrium botrys L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 562 (1753)
  • Trauben-Gamander

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General Information

Much branched annual 1–3 dm; stems glandular-villosulous; lvs 1–2 cm, deeply and ± ternately divided into short, obtuse, oblong segments; petioles 5–10 mm; bracts not much smaller than the lvs; fls usually 4–6 at each node, on pedicels 4–8 mm; cal strongly saccate at base, especially in age, eventually to 1 cm, its lobes shorter than the tube, broadly triangular, the 2 lower somewhat the smaller; cor 15–20 mm; 2n=32. Native of Europe, occasionally intr. in waste places from N. Engl. to O. and W.Va. July–Sept.

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    10–30 cm hoch, verzweigt, unangenehm riechend. Stängel und Blätter drüsig-zottig behaart. Blätter bis fast auf die Mittelrippe 1–2fach fiederschnittig, 1,5–2 cm lang, gestielt. Blüten zu 1–4 in den Achseln der oberen Blätter, diese nicht vie

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    6–9. Ödland, Äcker, Felsschutt, kollin-montan. J, M, AN, VS, südliches TI.

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    Other Local Names

    Camedrio secondoItalianCH
    Germandrée en grappeFrenchCH


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