Betula pumila L.
  • Mant. Pl.
  • Bog birch, dwarf birch, bouleau nain

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General Information

Shrubs , coarse, irregular, or spreading, to 4 m. Bark dark reddish brown, smooth, close; lenticels pale, inconspicuous. Twigs without taste and odor of wintergreen, glabrous to moderately pubescent, with scattered small resinous glands, especially near nodes. Leaf blade elliptic, obovate, or nearly orbiculate (to sometimes reniform) with 2--6 pairs of lateral veins, 2.5--5(--7) × 1--5 cm, base cuneate to rounded, margins crenate to dentate, apex usually broadly acute or obtuse to rounded; surfaces abaxially glabrous or slightly pubescent to heavily velutinous or tomentose, often with scattered resinous glands. Infructescences erect, cylindric, 0.8--1.5(--2) × 0.8--1 cm, shattering with fruits in fall; scales glabrous to pubescent, lobes diverging slightly distal to middle, central lobe narrow, elongate, lateral lobes shorter and broader, extended. Samaras with wings slightly narrower than body, broadest near center, not extended beyond body apically. 2 n = 56.

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    "Erect, branching shrub 1–4 m, with close, brown bark; lvs firm, obovate to broadly ovate or orbicular, 2–3 cm, obtuse to broadly rounded above, coarsely dentate, rounded to broadly cuneate at base, softly pubescent on both sides when young, glabrescent with age, the hairs mostly 1–2 mm; lateral veins 3–6 pairs, the veinlets conspicuously raised-reticulate; fruiting catkins 1–2 cm, on peduncles 5–10 mm; scales 2.8–5.5 mm, about as wide, the lateral lobes widely divergent, often constricted at base; frs depressed-obovate to subrotund or oblate, truncate or rounded above, 1.6–2.8 × 1.8–3.7 mm, the body half as wide as the whole fr; 2n=56. In bogs, often forming large colonies; Nf. and Que. to s. Ont. and Mich., s. to N.J., Md., c. O., and n. Ind."

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    Other Local Names

    Bog birch, dwarf birch, bouleau nain


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