Amomum subulatum Roxb.
  • Fl. Ind.

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General Information

Plants 1--2 m tall. Ligule 3--4 mm, membranous, apex rounded, emarginate; petiole absent or nearly so on proximal leaves, 1--3 cm on distal ones; leaf blade oblong-lanceolate, 25--60 × 3.5--11 cm, glabrous, base rounded or cuneate, apex long cuspidate. Spikes subturbinate, ca. 5 cm in diam.; peduncle 0.5--4.5 cm, scalelike sheaths brown; bracts pale red, ovate, ca. 3 cm, apex obtuse with horny cusp; bracteoles tubular, ca. 3 cm, apex acute, emarginate. Calyx glabrous, 3-cleft to middle; lobes subulate. Corolla tube equaling calyx; lobes yellow, central one subulate at apex. Lateral staminodes red, subulate, ca. 2 mm. Labellum with yellow midvein, oblong, ca. 3 cm, white pubescent, veins conspicuous, apex involute. Filament ca. 5 mm; anther ca. 1 cm; connective appendage elliptic, entire, ca. 4 mm. Capsule purple or red-brown, globose, 2--2.5 cm in diam., with 10 undulate wings, apex with persistent calyx. Fl. May--Jun, fr. Jun--Sep. 2 n = 48.

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