Boesenbergia albomaculata S.Q.Tong
  • Acta Phytotax. Sin.

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General Information

Rhizomes white. Leaves 1--3, usually 1; petiole green or pale purplish red, 24--30 cm; leaf blade adaxially dark green, abaxially purplish red, ovate, 23--40 × 12--16 cm, base cuneate, apex acuminate. Inflorescences terminal on pseudostems, appearing from within apical leaf sheaths, 7--8 cm; bracts red, ovate, 2--2.5 × 1.2--1.4 cm, sparsely pubescent; bracteoles red, tubular, 1.2--1.5 cm, split to base on 1 side. Calyx pale red, 6--7 mm, apex 2-toothed. Corolla tube white, 2.8--3 cm; lobes 3, central one wider than lateral ones. Lateral staminodes subulate, ca. 1 mm wide. Labellum with white base and whitish stripes from middle to red apex, bag-shaped, ca. 2.5 × 1.6--1.7 cm, margin irregularly crenate. Filament white, ca. 5 mm; anther ca. 5 mm, locules dehiscing longitudinally; connective appendage absent. Ovary ellipsoid, 3-loculed.

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