Carex nigricans C.A.Mey.
  • Mém. Sav. Étr. Acad. St. Pétersbourg

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General Information

Plants loosely cespitose, mat-forming; rhizomes short, stout. Culms 5–30 cm. Leaves flat to the tip, (1.5–)2–4 mm wide. Pistillate scales reddish brown to black, lanceolate, as broad and as long as or slightly longer than perigynia, margins not hyaline or scarious, apex acute to acuminate. Perigynia ascending to spreading and deflexed at maturity, 3.8–4.1(–5) × 1–1.2 mm; beak dark brown to black, frequently as long as body of perigynium. Stigmas 3. 2n = 72.

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