Juniperus virginiana L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Eastern redcedar, genévrier rouge

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General Information

Trees to 30 m, dioecious; bark reddish brown; crown columnar-conical or conical; branches erect or spreading; branchlets thin, 4-angled, ca. 0.8 mm in diam. Leaves both scalelike and needlelike; needlelike leaves usually present on young plants, rarely present on adult plants, decussate or in whorls of 3, ascending, glaucous, 5-6 mm, concave adaxially; scalelike leaves decussate, rhombic-ovate, 1.5-3 mm, concave, abaxial gland basal, elliptic or ovate. Pollen cones 2-3 × ca. 1.5 mm; microsporophylls 8-12, each with 3 or 4 pollen sacs. Seed cones bluish green when ripe, glaucous, globose to ovoid, 4-6(-7) × 3-5.5 mm, 1- or 2-seeded. Seeds ovoid, 3-5 × 3-4 mm.

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    Trees dioecious, to 30 m, single-stemmed; crown narrowly erect to conical, round, or flattened. Bark brown, exfoliating in thin strips, that of small branchlets (5--10 mm diam.) smooth, that of larger branchlets usually not exfoliating in plates. Branches pendulous to ascending; branchlets generally erect, sometimes lax to flaccid, 3--4-sided in cross section, ca. 2/3 or less as wide as length of scalelike leaves. Leaves green but sometimes turning reddish brown in winter, abaxial gland elliptic or elongate, conspicuous, exudate absent, margins entire (at 20´ and 40´); whip leaves 3--6 mm, not glaucous adaxially; scalelike leaves 1--3 mm, overlapping by more than 1/4 their length, keeled, apex obtuse to acute, spreading. Seed cones maturing in 1 year, of 1 size, generally with straight peduncles, globose to ovoid, 3--6(--7) mm, blue-black to brownish blue when mature, glaucous, soft and resinous, with 1--2(--3) seeds. Seeds 1.5--4 mm.

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    "Shrub or tree with a dense crown, to 20 m; juvenile lvs subulate, pungent, 5–7 mm, spreading or ascending; lvs of adult branches scale-like, appressed, ovate or lance-ovate, 2–4 mm, obtuse or subacute, convex on the back; cones terminal on short, straight peduncles, subglobose, blue-glaucous, 5–7 mm thick; seeds 1 or 2, pitted toward the base. In a variety of soils, esp. in dry, calcareous sites; s. Me. and s. Que. to N.D., s. to Ga., nw. Fla., and Tex. Two weakly distinguished vars.: Var. virginiana, occurring from Va. to s. Mo. and southward, has a relatively broad, ovoid crown with widely spreading branches, and the seeds are strongly pitted. Var. crebra Fernald, the more northern phase, has a narrowly spire-shaped crown with distinctly ascending branches, and the seeds are only obscurely pitted."

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    Evergreen tree, up to 18 m high, initially conical, later with horizontal spreading branches; dioecious. Leaves of two types with adult ones scale-like, overlapping, acute, ± 1.5 mm long and juvenile leaves needle-like, up to 10 mm long. Cones indehiscent, globose, ± 6 mm in diameter, berry-like, dark blue with a bluish grey bloom.

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    Mesic Grassland; Zastron Moist Grassland. Grassland, riverbanks, rocky outcrops.

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    Native to North America.

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    Other Local Names

    Eastern redcedar, genévrier rouge


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