Commelina communis L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Kommeline

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General Information

Herbs annual. Stems creeping, diffuse, numerous branched, to more than 1 m, glabrous proximally, puberulent distally. Leaf sheaths glabrous; leaf blade lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, 3--9 × 1.5--2 cm, glabrous. Involucral bracts borne opposite leaves, with 1.5--4 cm long stalk, cordate, folded, 1.2--2.5 cm, often hirsute-ciliate, apex acute. Proximal branch of cincinni with peduncle ca. 8 mm and 1 or 2 male flowers, distal branch with short peduncle and 3 or 4 bisexual flowers, nearly included in involucral bracts; pedicels ca. 3 mm at anthesis, curved and less than 6 mm in fruit. Sepals ca. 5 mm, membranous. Petals dark blue, 9--10 mm except proximal one ca. 5 mm. Capsule ellipsoid, 5--7 mm, 2-valved. Seeds 2 per valve, brown-yellow, semiellipsoid, 2--3 mm, flat on 1 surface, irregularly pitted, truncate at 1 end.

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    Herbs, annual, erect to decumbent. Roots at proximal nodes. Stems diffusely branched. Leaves: blade narrowly lanceolate to ovate-elliptic, 5--12 ´ 1--4 cm, apex acute to acuminate. Inflorescences: distal cyme usually vestigial, included, sometimes 1-flowered, exserted; spathes solitary, green, paler or whitish basally with contrasting, dark green veins, pedunculate, usually not falcate, 1.5--3(--3.5) ´ 0.8--1.3(--1.8) cm, margins distinct, scabrous, not ciliate, apex acute to acuminate, glabrous to puberulent; peduncles 0.8--3.5(--5) cm. Flowers bisexual (rarely staminate); proximal petal paler or white, very reduced, distal petals blue to bluish purple; staminodes 3; antherodes yellow sometimes with central maroon spot, cruciform. Capsules 2-locular, 2-valved, 4.5--8 mm. Seeds 4, brown, (2--)2.5--4.2 ´ 2.2--3 mm, rugose pitted-reticulate.

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    "Fibrous-rooted annual; stems at first erect, later diffuse and rooting from the lower nodes, to 8 dm; lf-blades lance-ovate, the larger 5–12 × 1.5–4 cm; sheaths 1–2 cm; spathe (folded) broadly semicordate, 1.5–3 cm, half as wide, acute or short-acuminate, glabrous or minutely hairy, basally with dark green veins on a paler background, its margins free, its stalk 1–7 cm; blade of upper pet 8–15 mm; lower median pet white or nearly so; anthers 6 (3 sterile); ovary 3-locular; fr 2-locular and 4-seeded, the upper locule of the ovary abortive; 2n=36–90. Moist or shaded ground, often a garden-weed; native of e. Asia, intr. from N.H. to Ga., w. to N.D. and Tex. Several forms, often locally constant, differing in details of pubescence, size and intensity of color of pet, and color of sterile stamens."

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    Stängel 30–70 cm, niederliegend oder aufsteigend, knotig und oft wurzelnd. Blätter breit-lanzettlich, 5–10 cm lang und 1–3 cm breit, mit einer geschlossenen Scheide sitzend, wechselständig. Blüten zu mehreren von einer Spatha umgeben. Blüten 3zä

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    7–10. Hecken, Weinberge, Schuttplätze, kollin. Im südlichen TI eingebürgert, sonst vereinzelt.

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    Other Local Names

    Asiatic dayflower, comméline commune
    Erba miseria asiaticaItalianCH
    Comméline communeFrenchCH


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