Lunaria annua L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Bolbonac, silver-dollar, penny-flower

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General Information

Plants sparsely to densely hispid, glabrous, or glabrate. Stems (3-)4-10(-12) dm, pubescent or, rarely, glabrate. Basal leaves: petiole (1.5-)3-10(-17) cm; blade broadly cordate to narrowly cordate-ovate, (1.5-) 3-12(-18) × (1-)2-8(-12) cm, base cordate, often pubescent. Cauline leaves similar to basal, petiole shorter (distal sessile); blade (proximal opposite, distal alternate), smaller distally. Fruiting pedicels (7-)10-15 mm, glabrous or pubescent. Flowers: sepals (5-)6-9 (-10) × 1-2 mm; petals (15-)17-25(-30) × 5-10 mm, claw 5-10 mm; filaments 5-8 mm; anthers oblong, 2-3 mm; gynophore relatively slender, 7-18 mm. Fruits 3-4.5(-5) × 2-3(-3.5) cm, strongly latiseptate; valves each rounded basally and apically; replum glabrous or sparsely ciliate; style 4-10 mm. Seeds grayish brown, (6-)7-10(-12) × 5-9 mm. 2n = 30.

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    "Annual to 1 m; cauline lvs short-petioled or sessile; fls 2 cm wide; frs broadly elliptic, rounded at both ends, 3.5–5 cm, two-thirds as wide; 2n=30. Native of se. Europe, occasionally escaped from cult. May, June."

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    Other Local Names

    Bolbonac, silver-dollar, penny-flower


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