Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
  • Fruct. Sem. Pl.
  • Indian lotus, sacred lotus, oriental lotus, lotus

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General Information

Petiole 1--2 m, terete, fistulous, glabrous or papillae hard and scattered; leaf blade abaxially blue-green, orbicular, 25--90 cm in diam., papery, glabrous, glaucous, water-repellent, margin entire. Flowers 10--23 cm in diam.; peduncles longer than petioles, glabrous or sparsely spinulate. Tepals caducous, pink or white, oblong-elliptic to obovate, 5--10 × 3--5 cm. Stamens slightly longer than receptacle; filament slender; anther linear, 1--2 mm; connective appendage clavate, to 7 mm, incurved. Receptacle accrescent, turbinate, 5--10 cm in diam. Fruit oblong to ovoid, 1.0--2.0 × 7--15 cm, glabrous; pericarp thick, hardened. Fl. Jun--Aug. 2n = 16.

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    Leaves: petiole to 2 m or more. Leaf blade to 6 dm or more. Flowers: tepals normally all caducous, pink, pink-tinged, or fading to white, 1-13 cm; anthers 1-2 cm. Fruits ovoid, 10-20 × 7-13 mm, mostly more than 1.5 times longer than wide; receptacle to 1 dm diam. at maturity, gradually tapered or rounded from flattened top to base, base rounded or very slightly obtuse-tapered, lateral surface rugose or only weakly striate.

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    "The Oriental sacred lotus, with pink or white fls, rarely escapes from cult."

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    Leaves 10-45 (-60) cm in diameter, reniform to orbicular, glaucous with waxy coating on the upper surface, entire, petiole 50-150 cm long, usually with scattered ± hooked spines; stipules sheathing. Flowers (10-) 15-20 cm across, pinkish red or white, peduncle almost equalling the petiole, usually beset with hooked spines. Outer tepals (perianth lobes 4), persistent, 15-30 x 20-25 mm, ovate, entire, acute; inner tepals (series of 10-16 lobes), 70-100 x 35-45 mm, elliptic, distinctly parallel veined. Stamens c. 25 mm long, anthers 12-15 mm long with a conspicuous fleshy c. 5 mm long appendage. Flowering receptacle 20-25 x 18-22 mm, broad at the top. Carpels c. 10 mm long, fruiting receptacle 40-50 x 45-60 mm. Nuts 10-13 x 6-7 mm, oblong, dark brown to blackish.

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    Other Local Names

    Indian lotus, sacred lotus, oriental lotus, lotus

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