Orobanche oxyloba (Reut.) Beck
  • Entw.-Gesch. Orob.

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General Information

Annual or biennial, 10-20 cm tall, simple or sparsely branched, subglabrous. Spikes short, dense. Bracts slightly shorter than the calyx, 5-8(-9) mm long, triangular to ovate, acuminate; bracteoles free, ± as long as the calyx, narrow, linear. Calyx 7-9 mm long, deeply 4-toothed with teeth longer than the tube, subulate. Corolla 17-20 mm long, tubulose-infundibuliform, constricted above the ovary and at the insertion point of stamens, inflated below, expanded above with triangular-ovate, acute, ciliate lobes, pale blue. Stamen filaments glabrous or sparsely ciliate at the base; anthers slightly pilose along the sutures. Stigma pale bluish.

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