Praecitrullus fistulosus (Stocks) Pangalo
  • Bot. Zhurn. S.S.S.R.

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General Information

Annual, climber or trailer, monoecious. Stem robust, villous to hispid. Tendrils slender, 2-3-fid. Petiole hirsute. Leaves sparingly pinnatifid, lamina sparsely hispid all over, densely hispid on veins and veinlets of under surface; margin minutely denticulate, apparently entire; young leaves villous to densely hispid. Probract spathulate, c. 0.8 cm long. Flowers solitary, yellow, small. Male pedicel c. 1 mm long, calyx campanulate, hairy, lobes obconic, c. 8 mm long. Stamens 3, one free, others connate; female: calyx broadly campanulate, lobes c. 5 mm long, lanceolate. Ovary villous or softly hairy. Fruit almost spherical, c. 6 cm in diameter. Seeds ovate-oblong, c. 8 mm long, yellowish-white, smooth.

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