Ribes nigrum L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Black currant

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General Information

Plants 1-2 m. Stems erect, glandular and puberulent or nearly glabrous; spines at nodes absent; prickles on internodes absent. Leaves: petiole 1-4 cm, pubescent, sometimes with longer setose hairs basally; blade reniform, 3-5-lobed, cleft nearly to midrib, 5-10 cm, base cordate, surfaces with shiny, resinous glands, lobes broadly ovate, margins irregularly serrate, apex acute. Inflorescences pendent, 4-10-flowered racemes, 3-5 cm, axis pubescent, flowers evenly spaced. Pedicels jointed, 2-10 mm, glabrous or finely pubescent to lanate; bracts ovate, 0.5-2 mm, pubescent. Flowers: hypanthium green, cup-shaped or short-campanulate, 3-4 mm, densely pubescent or tomentose; sepals not overlapping, reflexed, greenish or pinkish abaxially, suffused with purple adaxially, oblong, 5-7 mm; petals nearly connivent, erect, white to reddish, bluntly deltate, not conspicuously revolute or inrolled, 1.5-3 mm; nectary disc prominent, green or purplish, circular, covering ovary; stamens slightly longer than petals; filaments linear, 2-2.5 mm, glabrous with some glands; anthers white, sagittate, 1 mm, apex blunt; ovary pubescent, sessile-glandular; styles connate nearly to stigmas, 3 mm, very finely hairy. Berries sweet-tasting, black, globose, 12-15 mm, glabrous with some sessile glands.

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    "Erect, unarmed shrub; lvs 3–5-lobed to about the middle, dotted with resinous glands beneath; racemes drooping; pedicels 2–8 mm, much exceeding the minute, ovate bracts; hypanthium above the ovary short-campanulate; sep greenish-purple within; ovary commonly with sessile resinous glands; fr black; 2n=16. Native of Eurasia, occasionally escaped from cult."

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    Erect aromatic shrub, up to 2 m tall. Young branches pubescent and resinous glandular. Leaves 2.5-10.5 cm long, 2.5-12 cm broad, base deeply cordate, almost glabrous, 2-5-lobed, coarsely inciso-crenate, basal nerves 3-5, petioles l.5-7 cm long, pubescent and resinous glandular. Racemes few flowered, pubescent, with a tuft of leaves at the base. Bracts longer than the petals, 2-3 mm long. Flowers bisexual, greenish yellow, 10-11 mm long, calyx tube 2 mm long, lobes 2 mm long, oblong, obtuse. Petals spathulate, 1 mm long. Stamens 1.5 mm long. Style divided nearly to the middle. Berries black, strongly aromatic, 1 cm in diameter.

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    • Morphology

      Bis 2 m hoher Strauch ohne Stacheln. Blätter 3–5lappig, gezähnt, Durchmesser bis 10 cm, unterseits gelbdrüsig punktiert und aromatisch riechend. Blütenstand eine überhängende Traube. Kelchblätter oval, zurückgebogen, dicht und kraus behaart,

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      4. Als Beerenstrauch kultiviert und gelegentlich verwildert, kollin.

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      Distribution Map

      • Introduced distribution
      Introduced into
      • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

      Nationally Preferred Names

      Black currantEnglishIE
      Cuirín dubhIrishIE

      Other Local Names

      Srionán dubhIrishIE
      Dearcóg dubhIrishIE
      Schwarze JohannisbeereGermanCH
      Uzua nairaRaeto-RomanceCH
      Raosar dubhIrishIE
      Garden black currant, gadellier noir
      Ribes neroItalianCH


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