Tuberaria guttata (L.) Fourr.
  • Ann. Soc. Linn. Lyon

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General Information

Leaf blades elliptic to obovate (proximal) or lanceolate-linear to linear, 10–50(–75) × (2–)5–10(–18) mm, margins of distals sometimes revolute, surfaces hairy, hairs mixed: white and relatively long, white and in tufts, and red and relatively short. Pedicels 5–15 mm. Flowers: sepals 1–4 mm, villous; petals creamy yellow to yellow, usually brown to purple proximally, mostly obovate to rounded-cuneate, 4–10+ mm, apices truncate, erose to fimbrillate. Capsules 4–6 mm, villous. 2n = 36 (Europe).

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