Ulmus rubra Muhl.
  • Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc.
  • Slippery elm, orme rouge

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General Information

Trees , 18-35 m; crowns open. Bark brown to red, deeply and irregularly furrowed. Wood soft. Branches spreading; twigs gray, densely pubescent when young, glabrous with age. Buds obtuse; scales red, margins red-tomentose. Leaves: petiole 5-7 mm, pubescent. Leaf blade obovate to ovate, 8-16 × 5-7.5 cm, base oblique, margins doubly serrate in distal 1/2-3/4, singly serrate proximally, basal teeth 6 or fewer, rounded, less distinct, apex acuminate; surfaces abaxially tomentose, dense tufts of white hair in axils of major veins, adaxially harshly scabrous, trichomes pointed toward apex, margins ciliate. Inflorescences dense fascicles less than 2.5 cm, 8-20-flowered, flowers and fruits not pendulous, subsessile; pedicel 1-2 mm. Flowers: calyx green to reddish, shallowly lobed, lobes 5-9, reddish pubescent; stamens 5-9; anthers reddish; stigmas exserted, pink reddish. Samaras yellow to cream, suborbiculate, 12-18 mm diam., broadly winged, samaras pubescent on body only, rusty-tomentose, margins glabrous. Seeds thickened, not inflated. 2 n = 28.

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    "Tree to 20 m, with the shape of no. 1 [Ulmus americana L.], the twigs scabrous- pubescent; winter-buds densely covered with red-brown hairs; lvs oblong to obovate, thick and stiff, usually 10–20 cm, very rough above; fls fascicled, subsessile; stamens 5–9; stigmas pink; fr suborbicular, 1.5–2 cm, pubescent over the seed, otherwise glabrous, scarcely reticulate; 2n=28. Moist woods; s. Me. and s. Que. to e. N.D., s. to Fla. and Tex. (U. fulva)"

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    Other Local Names

    Slippery elm, orme rouge


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