Ulmus procera Salisb.
  • Prodr. Stirp. Chap. Allerton
  • English elm

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General Information

Trees , to 40 m; crowns open. Bark grayish brown, deeply ridged, flaking. Wood hard. Branches: old-growth branchlets with corky ridges; twigs reddish brown, villous to scabrous, old-growth branchlets with corky ridges. Buds ovoid; scales dark brown, sparsely pubescent, marginally pale-ciliate. Leaves: petiole 3-12 mm, villous to scabrous. Leaf blade broadly lanceolate-elliptic to ovate, (3-)7-10 × (3-)4-6(-10) cm, base strongly oblique, not covering petiole, margins doubly serrate, apex acute to acuminate; surfaces abaxially villous with woolly tufts in vein axils, pale in contrast to adaxial surface, adaxially dark green, glabrous to sparsely scabrous, margins not ciliate. Inflorescences dense clusters of subsessile flowers borne on lateral shoots resembling short racemes, flowers and fruits not pendulous. Flowers: calyx green to reddish purple or tan, shallowly lobed, lobes 5-8, marginally villous; stamens 3-5(-6); anthers dark brown, globose; stigmas white, puberulous, persistent in fruit, slender lobes incurved. Samaras light brown, darker brown to red in area covering seed, orbiculate, about as long as broad, 0.9-1.8 × 0.9-1.6 cm, broadly winged, glabrous except for pubescence along margin of apex, apex shallowly notched. Seeds thickened, not inflated. 2 n = 28.

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    Melville, R. 1978. On the discrimination of species in hybrid swarms with special reference to Ulmus and the nomenclature of U. minor Mill. and U. carpinifolia Gled. Taxon 27: 345-351. Richens, R. H. 1977. New designations in Ulmus minor Mill. Taxon 26: 582-593.

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    Nationally Preferred Names

    English elmEnglishIE
    Leamhán galldaIrishIE

    Other Local Names

    Common elmEnglishIE
    English elm, English cork elm

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