Ulmus americana L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • American elm, orme d'Amérique

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General Information

Trees , 21-35 m; crowns spreading, commonly vase-shaped. Bark light brown to gray, deeply fissured or split into plates. Wood soft. Branches pendulous, old-growth branches smooth, not winged; twigs brown, pubescent to glabrous. Buds brown, apex acute, glabrous; scales reddish brown, pubescent. Leaves: petiole ca. 5 mm, glabrous to pubescent. Leaf blade oval to oblong-obovate, 7-14 × 3-7 cm, base oblique, margins doubly serrate, apex acute to acuminate; surfaces abaxially glabrous to slightly pubescent, tufts in axils of veins, adaxially glabrous to scabrous. Inflorescences fascicles, less than 2.5 cm, flowers and fruits drooping on elongate pedicels; pedicel 1-2 cm. Flowers: calyx shallowly lobed, slightly asymmetric, lobes 7-9, margins ciliate; stamens 7-9; anthers red; stigmas white-ciliate, deeply divided. Samaras yellow-cream when mature, sometimes tinged with reddish purple (s range of species), ovate, ca. 1 cm, narrowly winged, margins ciliate, cilia yellow to white, to 1 mm. Seeds thickened, not inflated. 2 n = 56.

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    "Graceful, arching tree to 40 m, the twigs smooth or short-hairy; lf-buds glabrous or minutely puberulent; lvs ovate-oblong to somewhat obovate, mostly 8–14 cm, glabrous to scabrellous above; fls fascicled, on unequal pedicels to 2 cm; cal usually oblique, lobed; stamens 5–9; stigmas white; fr elliptic, 1 cm, densely ciliate, the sides glabrous and strongly reticulate; 2n=56. Usually in moist, fertile soil; N.S. and Que. to Sask., s. to Fla. and Tex."

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    Other Local Names

    American elm, orme d'Amérique


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