Viola purpurea var. venosa (S.Watson) Brainerd
  • Bull. Vermont Agric. Exp. Sta.
  • Purple-marked yellow violet, violette veinée

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General Information

Plants 3–8.5(–12) cm. Stems decumbent or erect, mostly buried, not much elongated by end of season, ± glabrous or puberulent. Leaves: basal: 1–5; petiole 5–10.3 cm, puberulent; blade purple-tinted abaxially, green adaxially, often shiny, ± orbiculate to ovate, 0.8–3.3 × 0.5–3.6 cm, ± fleshy, base truncate or ± cordate, oblique or not, margins usually irregularly dentate or crenate with 2–4 rounded teeth per side, sometimes coarse-serrate, apex acute to obtuse, abaxial surface puberulent, adaxial surface glabrous, glabrate, or sparsely puberulent; cauline: petiole 0.8–6 cm, puberulent; blade ovate, ± oblong or lanceolate, 0.9–2.7 × 0.6–2.9 cm, length 0.9–2.3 times width, margins usually coarsely crenate or dentate, sometimes ± serrate or ± entire, abaxial surface puberulent, adaxial surface glabrous (except along veins) to sparsely puberulent. Peduncles 2.9–7 cm, glabrous or puberulent. Lowest petal 6–14 mm. Capsules 4–5.5 mm. Seeds medium brown, 2–2.6 mm.

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    Other Local Names

    Purple-marked yellow violet, violette veinée

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