Sisymbrium polymorphum (Murray) Roth
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Herbs perennial, (10-)25-90(-110) cm tall. Stems erect, branched below and above, glaucous, glabrous or sparsely pilose at least near base, glabrous above. Basal leaves fleshy, not rosulate; petiole 0.5-2 cm; leaf blade oblanceolate, oblong or lanceolate, pinnatisect or pinnatifid, 1-6(-9) cm × 1-8(-15) mm; lateral lobes 2-4 on each side of midvein, smaller than terminal one, oblong or lanceolate, entire or dentate. Uppermost cauline leaves filiform to narrowly linear, entire. Fruiting pedicels divaricate, slender, narrower than fruit, (3-)4-8(-10) mm. Sepals narrowly oblong, spreading, 3.5-5 × 1-1.5 mm, glabrous or pilose. Petals yellow, spatulate, (5-)6-8(-9) × 2-2.5 mm; claw subequaling sepals. Filaments yellowish, erect, 3.5-6 mm; anthers oblong, 1-1.5 mm. Ovules 48-70 per ovary. Fruit narrowly linear, slender, terete, (2-)2.5-4(-4.5) cm × 0.5-1.2 mm; valves glabrous, torulose; style slender, 0.5-1 mm; stigma slightly 2-lobed; septum not thickened. Seeds oblong, 0.6-1 × 0.3-0.5 mm. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Jun-Jul.

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