Heliconia lankesteri Standl.
  • J. Wash. Acad. Sci.

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tout herbs 1.5-2.5 m. tall, essentially glabrous throughout; leaves oblong- elliptic, 50-75 cm. long, 20-25 cm. broad, abruptly and shortly acuminate, rounded at the base; inflorescences erect, long-pedunculate (20-25 cm. long), deltoid, 20-45 cm. long and broad, the rachis more or less flexuose at maturity, glabrous or with a few inconspicuous ferruginous trichomes, the internodes rather short; bracts almost overlapping at anthesis, narrowly oblong-lanceolate, broadly acute to obtuse, the lowermost somewhat expanded and foliaceous, 10-32 cm. long, ascending at anthesis, red or yellow; perianth about 4.5 cm. long, red or deep yellow, glabrous; fruits subglobose, about 1 cm. in diameter.

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    Plantas 2–3.5 m, con hábito similar al de Musa. Hojas 3 ó 4 por tallo; lámina 85–135 × 24–37 cm, convenas laterales prominentemente levantadas. Infl. erecta, ca. 37 cm; brácteas cincinadas 10–15, dísticas, labráctea medial 9–15 × 6–7.5 cm, con la superficie externa glabra, anaranjado amarillo o roja, algunas vecescon verde. Fls. 7–13 por cincino; semiresupinadas; perianto uniformemente curvado, 4.5–5.2 × 0.6–0.8 cm,glabro, blanco a amarillo basalmente a verde pálido o verde amarillo apicalmente.

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    Highland forests of Costa Rica and western Panama.

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