Sempervivum tectorum L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 464 (1753)
  • House-leek

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General Information

Leaves: rosettes usually open, 4-10 cm diam., producing offsets attached to parental plants by stout stolons; blade 1-1.5 cm wide, apex stoutly mucronate, surfaces usually glabrous, sometimes sparingly hairy (some cultivars are hairy). Inflorescences erect, flat-topped to thyrsiform cymes, 10-40(-100+)-flowered, bracteate, (10-)20-30(-50) cm, usually 5-15 cm diam.; bracts 1 per flower, clasping at base, ovate-lanceolate, base narrow. Flowers: petals strongly reflexed at anthesis, 9-12 mm, margins entire, abaxially pubescent; stamens red to purple. 2n = (36, 40), 72.

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    Plants with axillary stolons; rosette-lvs obovate or oblong-lanceolate, with a pungent mucro, narrowed to the base, ciliate, otherwise glabrous; flowering stems 3–6 dm; cauline lvs narrowly obovate to oblong, glandular-hairy; infl very pubescent, freely branched into several spreading cymes; fls mostly 12–16-merous; pet pink-purple, 1 cm, spreading, entire; 2n=36, 72. Native of Europe, sometimes escaped from cult. in our range, esp. in N. Engl. July–Sept.

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    10–60 cm hoch. Wie bei allen Sempervivum-Arten Stängel dicht beblättert, mit grundständiger Rosette. Rosettenblätter sehr starr, auf den Flächen kahl, am Rand bewimpert, meist mit roten Spitzen, bis 5 cm lang. Blüten trüb-hellrot (wenn weiss

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    7–8. Felsen, Mauern, Trockenwiesen, kollin-alpin. A, J, vereinzelt M.

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    • Europe Northern Europe Ireland


    Nationally Preferred Names


    Other Local Names

    Lus an tóiteá(i)nIrishIE
    Tinicín (or Rinicín)IrishIE
    Semprevivo maggioreItalianCH
    Luibh (or Lus) an tóiteainIrishIE
    Teinne eaglaIrishIE
    Buachaill tigheIrishIE
    Biadh an tsionnaighIrishIE
    Norp (Nuirp)IrishIE
    Common houseleek
    Joubarbe des toitsFrenchCH
    Semperviv da tetgRaeto-RomanceCH


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