Frangula purshiana subsp. ultramafica Sawyer & S.W.Edwards
  • Madroño 54: 172 (2007)
  • Caribou coffeeberry

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General Information

Plants 1–2 m, shrublike. Twigs green to gray or dull brown, densely hairy. Leaves deciduous or semideciduous; blade broadly oblong or broadly elliptic to ovate or obovate, (3.5–)5–10 cm, distinctly coriaceous, base mostly obtuse or tapered, margins serrulate or entire, often wavy, apex obtuse, often notched, surfaces papillate, sparsely to densely hairy or adaxial velvety, glaucous adaxially when fresh.

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    Other Local Names

    Caribou coffeeberry

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