Acer platanoides L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Erable plane

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General Information

"Tree with widely spreading crown; lvs much like those of no. 2 [Acer saccharum Marshall], with 5–7 sharply acuminate lobes and few large teeth; juice milky (best seen at base of a detached petiole); fls yellow-green, in erect, pedunculate, rounded corymbs; pedicels glabrous; pet obovate, 5–6 mm, spreading; stamens seated on the disk; mericarps of the fr 3.5–5 cm, scarcely distended over the seed, the wings divergent at an angle of nearly 180°; 2n=26. Native of Europe, often found as an escape from cult. in vacant lots, and now spreading into successional forests. Apr., May."

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    Ähnlich wie A. pseudoplatanus, aber Blätter beidseits fast gleichfarbig, Lappen lang zugespitzt, mit fein zugespitzten Zähnen und stumpfen Buchten. Blüten in aufrechten, doldigen Rispen, vor den Blättern erscheinend. Flügel der Frucht

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    4. Laubmischwälder, Auenwälder, auch oft angepflanzt, kollin-montan. CH.

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    Other Local Names

    Erable planeFrenchCH
    Acero riccioItalianCH
    Ischi gizRaeto-RomanceCH


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    Flora Helvetica – Illustrierte Flora der Schweiz
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