Acer pubinerve Rehder
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Trees 7-10(-15) m tall. Bark dark gray, smooth. Branchlets green, glabrous or densely pubescent; winter buds with few scales. Leaves deciduous; petiole 4-5 cm, densely velutinous; leaf blade abaxially light green, adaxially dark green, suborbicular or ovate, 10-12 × 11-14 cm, abaxially nearly glabrous except densely villous on veins, adaxially glabrous except shortly velutinous on veins, 5-lobed, margin slightly serrate, with short acuminate teeth, usually entire toward base, base subcordate, apex caudate; lobes oblong- ovate, caudate, appressed serrate, with short acuminate teeth, usually entire toward base, middle lobes 4-6 cm, basal lobes 1-1.5 cm; sinuses acute, reaching more than 1/2 to middle. Inflorescence paniculate, glabrous; peduncles 2-3.5 cm. Pedicels 2-6 mm. Sepals 5, purplish, ovate, ca. 2 mm. Petals 5, white, ovate, slightly shorter than sepals. Disk extrastaminal, glabrous. Stamens 8, those in staminate flowers ca. as long as sepals, those in pistillate flowers shorter than sepals. Ovary densely pilose; style ca. 1.5 mm, cleft at apex. Fruit yellowish; nutlets convex, ca. 8 × 15 mm; wing obovate, including nutlet (1.3-)2.3- 2.5(-3.5) × 1.2-1.9 cm, wings spreading obtusely or nearly horizontally. Fl. Apr, fr. Oct.

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