Aesculus hippocastanum L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Crann cnó capaill

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General Information

Trees to 30 m tall, to 2(-5) m d.b.h. Branchlets brown villous when young. Petiole 8-20 cm, glabrous; leaf blade 5-7-foliolate; leaflets sessile, abaxially green, oblanceolate, 10-25 × 5-12 cm, abaxially glabrous or with sparse whitish hairs, ferruginous tomentose (often densely so) at base and in axils of lateral veins, base cuneate, margin crenate-serrate with teeth crenulate-serrulate, apex acuminate to subcaudate; lateral veins in 18-25 pairs. Inflorescence glabrous or matted ferruginous villous and shortly whitish tomentose (whitish hairs mostly on pedicels); peduncle 2.5-5 cm; thyrse conic or cylindric-conic, 10-30 cm, 6-10 cm wide at base; branches 2.5-5 cm, 4-12-flowered; pedicels 3-6 mm. Calyx 5-6 mm, abaxially tomentose. Petals 4 or 5, white, with red spots and a yellow (later brown) claw, equal, ca. 11 mm, abaxially sparsely whitish tomentose or glabrous. Stamens 5-8, 10-20 mm; filament villous; anther 1-1.3 mm. Style glabrous except at base. Capsule brown, globose or subglobose, 2.5-4 × 2.5-6 cm excluding prickles, prickly; prickles subulate, slightly curved, to 10 mm; pericarp 3-5 mm thick after drying. Seeds 1-3(-6), glossy chestnut brown, subglobose, 2-4 cm; hilum pale brown, occupying 1/3-1/2 of seed. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Sep.

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    "Tree to 25 m; winter-buds glutinous; lfls commonly 7(9), wedge-obovate, 1–2.5 dm, abruptly acute, irregularly serrate or biserrate, pubescent beneath when young, later glabrous; infls many-fld, ovoid-conic, 2–3 dm; cal 5–7 mm; upper and lateral pet with white rotund blade marked with red or yellow at the cordate base, on slender claws; fifth petal obovate, tapering to a broad claw, or wanting; fr echinate, 5 cm thick; 2n=40. Native of se. Europe and adj. Asia, occasionally escaped from cult. in our range. May."

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    Bis 30 m hoher Baum. Blätter gefingert, mit 5–7 Teilblättern, diese verkehrt-eilanzettlich, fein gezähnt und kurz zugespitzt, bis über 20 cm lang. Blüten in grossen, aufrechten Trauben. Kronblätter 5, 10–15 mm lang, gestielt, kraus bewimpert

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    4–5. Angepflanzt und selten verwildert, kollin-montan. CH.

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    Distribution Map

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    • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

    Nationally Preferred Names

    Crann cnó capaillIrishIE

    Other Local Names

    Chastagner selvadiRaeto-RomanceCH


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    New York Botanical Garden
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