Rotheca pilosa (H.Pearson) P.P.J.Herman & Retief
  • Bothalia

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Diagnostic Description

A pilose undershrub, 30-40 cm high. Stems slender, ascending, subangular, arising from a woody underground rootstock. Leaves opposite, broadly ovate or triangular-ovate, rounded or slightly attenuate at the base, obtuse or rounded at the apex, entire, pilose especially on the nerves beneath, 2.3-2.4 cm long, 1.4-1.9 cm broad; petiole 2-3 mm long. Cymes 1-2-flowered, in the axils of the leaves. Pedicels slender, pilose, 1-1.4 cm long. Bracteoles 2, opposite, linear, 1 mm long. Calyx during flowering campanulate, 5-angled, 5-lobed, pilose without, glandular within; tube 2.5 mm long; lobes oblong or oblong-lanceolate, equalling the tube. Corolla-tube straight, villous in the throat, otherwise glabrous, hardly exceeding the calyx-tube; posterior lobes oblong or elliptic, rounded at the apex, 4 mm long; anterior broadly spathulate, concave, 5 mm long. Ovary glandular, otherwise glabrous. Drupe not seen. C. pilosum is related to C. hirsutum (Pearson in Fl. Cap. l.c. 221) from which it is separated by its broad ovate leaves, straight corolla-tube, and perfectly glabrous ovary. These may, however, prove to be extreme forms of a very variable species.

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    Suffrutex stirpibus pilosis tenuibus adscendentibus subangularibus ab collo subterraneo ligneo ortis. Folia opposita, petiolata, membranacea, late ovata vel triangulari-ovata, basim rotundata vel vix attenuata, apice obtusa vel rotundata, marginibus integris, pilosa pr?sertim nervis marginibusque. Cym? axillares, 1-2-flor?. Flores pedicellis pilosis suffulti; bracteol? 2, opposit?, lineares. Calyx subanthesin campanulatus (? tandem accrescens), 5-angularis, 5-lobatus, extus pilosus intus glandulifer. Corolla tubus rectus, in faucibus villosus; lobi, superiores oblongi ellipticive, apice rotundati; anterior late spathulatus, concavus. Ovarium 4-lobatum, glanduliferum, c?terum glabrum.

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    • 1 Bothalia
    • 2 Pearson, HHW. 1905. South African Verbenaceae. Trans. S. African Philos. Soc. 15: 175 - 182.

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