Anticharis senegalensis (Walp.) Bhandari
  • Bull. Bot. Surv. India 6: 327 (1965)

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General Information

Erect, much branched annual herb up to 30 cm, usually turning a characteristic dark bluish-green when dry; young branches rather flexuous. Stems densely and shortly glandular-viscid, stalked glands 0.3-0.5 mm. Leaves crowded, linear to narrowly linear, 10-30 x 0.3-3.5 mm, somewhat reflexed especially late in season, flat or occasionally inrolled, very graduallly attenuate at base into indistinct, glandular petiole up to 10 mm c. 1/5 x lamina. Flowers appearing much less dense than in A. glandulosa. Pedicels capillary, 9-12 mm in flower, elongated in fruit and up to 18 mm, glandular; flowers and capsules usually reaching beyond middle and sometimes exceeding subtending leaf. Bracteoles 2, in upper 2/3-3/4 of pedicel or just below flower. Calyx 4 mm in flower, to 5.5 mm in fruit, segments linear to narrowly oblong, acute, tips recurved in fruit. Corolla 9-10 mm, c. 2.5 x calyx; tube white, shortly puberulent; lobes deep violet, glabrous. Capsule ovoid, 8 x 4 mm, c. 2 x calyx, glandular. Seeds 0.5 mm, light pinkish-brown, with c. 10 longitudinal ribs and many finer transverse striae.

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    Erect herb, up to 300 mm tall. Leaves alternate, linear. Corolla comparatively broad with wide, open throat. Fertile stamens 2. Capsule 8-9 mm long, ovoid or oblong, somewhat acutely pointed at apex. Flowers purplish.

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    Mopane veld.

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