Aquilegia canadensis L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Canadian columbine, ancolie du Canada

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General Information

Stems 15-90 cm. Basal leaves 2×-ternately compound, 7-30 cm, much shorter than stems; leaflets green adaxially, 17-52 mm, not viscid; primary petiolules 17-93 mm (leaflets not crowded), glabrous or pilose, sometimes somewhat viscid. Flowers pendent; sepals divergent from floral axis, red or apex green, lance-ovate to oblong-ovate, 8-18 × 3-8 mm, apex broadly acute to acuminate; petals: spurs red, straight, ± parallel to divergent, 13-25 mm, stout (at least proximally), abruptly narrowed near middle, blades pale yellow or yellow-green, oblong to rounded, 5-9 × 4-8 mm; stamens 15-23 mm. Follicles 15-31 mm; beak 10-18 mm. 2 n = 14.

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    "Stems 3–20 dm; basal lvs large, long-petiolate, cauline reduced upwards; lfls broadly obovate to subrotund, crenately toothed or lobed; fls nodding, 3–4 cm; sep red; pet with yellow blade and nearly straight red spur, the spur 1.5–2.5 cm; fls rarely wholly yellow or salmon-colored; stamens projecting in a column; 2n=14. Dry woods, rocky cliffs and ledges, and even peat bogs; N.S. to Sask., s. to Fla. and Tex. Apr.–June. (A. coccinea; A. latiuscula)"

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    Other Local Names

    Canadian columbine, ancolie du Canada


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