Aquilegia vulgaris L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 533 (1753)
  • Colaimbín

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General Information

Stems 30-72 cm. Basal leaves 2×-ternately compound, 10-30 cm, much shorter than stems; leaflets green adaxially, to 15-47 mm, not viscid; primary petiolules 22-60 mm (leaflets not crowded), pilose or rarely glabrous. Flowers nodding; sepals divergent from or perpendicular to floral axis, mostly blue or purple, lance-ovate, (10-)15-25 × 8-12 mm, apex broadly acute or obtuse; petals: spurs mostly blue or purple, hooked, 14-22 mm, stout, evenly tapered from base, blades mostly blue or purple, oblong, 10-13 × 6-10 mm; stamens 9-13 mm. Follicles 15-25 mm; beak 7-15 mm. 2 n = 14 (Europe).

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    Foliage as in no. 1 [Aquilegia canadensis L.]; fls nodding, blue, varying to purple, white, or pink, (2.5–)3–4(–5) cm long and wide, stamens not longer than the sep; spurs short and thick, strongly incurved; follicle-beak 5–10 mm; 2n=14. Native of Eurasia, escaped from cult. and locally established esp. in the cooler parts of our range. May–July.

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    30–90 cm hoch, mit 3–12 Blüten und doppelt 3zähligen Blättern, der mittlere Abschnitt 2. Ordnung oft gestielt. Blüten blauviolett, selten rosa oder weiss, Durchmesser bis 5 cm, nickend, mit 5 abstehenden äusseren und 5 zusammenneigenden und

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    5–7. Lichte Wälder, Gebüsche, kollin-montan(-subalpin). CH.

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    Nationally Preferred Names


    Other Local Names

    Ancolie communeFrenchCH
    Ancolie vulgaire
    Aquilegia vulgaraRaeto-RomanceCH
    Lus an cholaimIrishIE
    Lus an choilmIrishIE
    Lus an choluimIrishIE
    Lus an cholmhainIrishIE
    Crúba leisínIrishIE
    Aquilegia comuneItalianCH
    Gemeine AkeleiGermanCH


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