Bergenia stracheyi (Hook.f. & Thomson) Engl.
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General Information

Herbs perennial, ca. 20 cm tall. Rhizomes thick. Leaves all basal; petiole 1-1.8 cm, sheathless part to 1 cm, sheathing base rigidly ciliate at distal margin; leaf blade obovate, 7-7.5 × 4.2-4.6 cm, both surfaces glabrous, base cuneate or rounded, margin serrate or doubly so, rigidly ciliate, apex obtuse. Inflorescence cymose, 5-8 cm; branches and pedicels long glandular hairy. Hypanthium glandular hairy. Sepals subovate, 5-6 × 3.5-4 mm, fleshy, abaxially glandular hairy, veins many, not confluent at apex, margin denticulate-ciliate. Petals red, subspatulate, ca. 9.5 × 4-5 mm, base gradually narrowed into a claw 2-3 mm, apex obtuse. Stamens 6-7 mm. Ovary ovoid, ca. 6 mm; styles 2, ca. 7 mm. Fl. Jun-Oct. 2n = 34.

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    Plants (13-)20(-37)cm tall. Leaves (3-)6-15 x (1-)4-8 cm, obovate to oblong-obovate, base cuneate, apex rounded, margin crenate to dentate, ciliate. Scapa usually 12-24 cm long, pink tinged, glabrous to glandular-villous. Flowers white, pink tinged or yellowish. Sepals 5-7 mm long, oblong, obtuse, glabrous to pubescent, ciliate. Petals 7-10 mm long, unguiculate, limb orbicular. Carpels 2(-3), the third when present smaller. Capsule 10-13 x 5-6 mm, including styles; seeds dark brown, c. 1 mm, elongated; testa scalariform.

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