Camellia longissima H.T.Chang & S.Y.Liang
  • Taxonomy of the genus Camellia

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General Information

Shrubs or trees, 3.5-5 m tall. Young branches grayish white to straw colored; current year branchlets purplish brown, glabrous. Petiole 2-7 mm, glabrous; leaf blade obovate-elliptic to obovate-oblong, 9-19 × 4-8.5 cm, papery, abaxially pale green, adaxially dark green, both surfaces glabrous, midvein abaxially raised and adaxially ± impressed, secondary veins 14-
19 on each side of midvein, abaxially raised, and adaxially ± impressed, base cuneate to broadly cuneate, margin serrulate, apex abruptly caudate with a 1-1.5 cm cauda. Flowers axillary, solitary or paired. Pedicel 1.7-4.5 cm, slender, glabrous; bracteoles 2-4, caducous. Sepals 5, broadly ovate to suborbicular, 4-5 × 3-4 mm, outside glabrous, inside white pubescent, margin ciliolate. Petals 7 or 8, white, nearly distinct, obovate-elliptic, ca. 10 × 7-8 mm. Stamens 7-8 mm, glabrous; outer filament whorl basally connate for ca. 1 mm. Ovary globose, ca. 1 mm in diam., glabrous, 3-loculed; style 6-8 mm, apically 3-parted for ca. 1/3 of its length, glabrous. Capsule not seen. Fl. Dec.

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