Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx.
  • Fl. Bor.-Amer.
  • Blue cohosh, squaw-root, papoose-root, caulophylle faux-pigamon

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General Information

Stems 2-9 dm. Leaves: 1st leaf (3-)4-ternate; 2d leaf (2-)3-ternate; leaflets 3-8 × 2-10 cm. Inflorescences with 5-70 flowers. Flowers: bracteoles 1-3 mm; sepals yellow, purple, green, 3-6 2-3 mm, apically revolute; petals 1-2.5 mm; stamen filaments 0.5-1.5 mm; pistil 1-3 mm; style 0.25-1 mm. 2 n = 16.

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    "Erect, 3–8 dm, glaucous when young; lfls obovate- oblong, 2–5-lobed above the middle, 5–8 cm at maturity; infl a small, panicle-like or raceme-like cyme, 3–6 cm; fls yellowish-green or greenish-purple, the slender, spreading, somewhat twisted sep 1 cm; seeds bitter, dark blue, 5–8 mm, on stalks nearly as long; 2n=16. Rich, moist woods; N.B. to Ont. and Man., s. to S.C., Ala., and Mo. Apr., May. Some authors recognize 2 largely sympatric vars. Var. thalictroides has variously yellow, purple or green sep mostly 4–5 mm. Var. giganteum Farw. blooms 2 weeks earlier and has fewer fls larger in all parts, the consistently purple sep 6–8 mm. (C. g.)"

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    Other Local Names

    Blue cohosh, squaw-root, papoose-root, caulophylle faux-pigamon


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