Chelidonium majus L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Garra bhuí

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General Information

Herbs, perennial, 30-60(-100) cm tall. Taproot conical, stout, lateral roots many. Stems cymose, branched; branches often pubescent, densely so on nodes, later glabrous. Basal leaves few, caducous; petiole 2-5 cm, pubescent or glabrous, base ampliate to sheath; blade glaucous abaxially, green adaxially, obovate-oblong or broadly obovate, 8-20 cm, abaxially sparsely shortly pubescent, adaxially glabrous, pinnatisect; lobes 2-4 pairs, obovate-oblong, irregularly parted or lobed; lobe margin crenate. Upper cauline leaves: petiole 5-15 mm; blade 2-8 × 1-5 cm. Inflorescence an umbel, multiflorous. Pedicel tenuous, 2-8 cm, villous when young, later glabrous. Bracts ovate, small, 1-2 mm. Flower buds ovoid, 5-8 mm in diam. Sepals caducous, ovoid, cymbiform, 5-8 mm, glabrous or sparsely pubescent. Petals yellow, obovate, ca. 1 cm, entire. Stamens ca. 8 mm; filaments yellow, filamentous; anthers oblong, ca. 1 mm. Ovary green, linear, ca. 8 mm, glabrous; styles ca. 1 mm; stigmas 2-lobed. Capsule narrowly terete, 2-5 cm × 2-3 mm; pedicel usually shorter than fruit. Seeds dark brown, shiny, ovoid, ca. 1 mm or shorter, alveolate. Fl. and fr. Apr-Sep. 2n = 10, 12.

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    Plants to 10 dm. Stems branching, ribbed. Leaves to 35 cm; petiole 2-10 cm; blade deeply 5-9-lobed; margins irregularly dentate or crenate, rarely laciniate. Inflorescences: peduncle 2-10 cm. Flowers: pedicels 5-35 mm; sepals to 1 cm; petals bright yellow, obovate to oblong, to 2 cm wide; style ca. 1 mm. Capsules linear to narrowly oblong, 2-5 cm, glabrous. Seeds black, reticulate-pitted.

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    "Branched, 3–8 dm; cauline lvs several, alternate, much like those of Stylophorum diphyllum; sep glabrous; pet 1 cm; fr 3–5 cm; 2n=12. Eurasian sp., well established in moist soil from Que. to Io., s. to Ga. and Mo. Apr.–Sept."

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    30–80 cm hoch, verzweigt, zerstreut abstehend behaart, blaugrün, mit gelbem Milchsaft. Blätter unregelmässig fiederteilig bis gefiedert. Blüten gelb, in 2–8blütigen Dolden. Kronblätter ca. 1 cm lang. Frucht eine 2–5 cm lange Schote. Samen schwarz,

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    4–9. Hecken, Mauern, Schuttplätze, kollin-montan. CH.

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    Distribution Map

    • Introduced distribution
    Introduced into
    • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

    Nationally Preferred Names

    Garra bhuíIrishIE
    Greater celandineEnglishIE

    Other Local Names

    Latg mellenRaeto-RomanceCH
    Cliathach bhuidheIrishIE
    Lacha cheannruadhIrishIE


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