Circaea alpina L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Striuna alpina

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General Information

Plants 3-50 cm tall, glabrous or pubescent with short falcate hairs on stem and short glandular hairs in inflorescence. Rhizomes with tuberous thickening at apex. Leaves highly variably shaped from narrowly trullate or elliptic to nearly circular, 1-11 × 0.7-5.5(-8) cm, base narrowly cuneate to cordate, margin subentire to sharply serrate, apex acute to shortly acuminate. Terminal raceme 0.7-2 to 12(-17) cm. Flowering pedicels perpendicular to axis of raceme (in C. alpina subsp. caulescens and some plants of subsp. angustifolia) to ascending or erect, with or without a minute setaceous bracteole at base. Buds glabrous, rarely glabrescent; floral tube ranging from nearly absent to 0.6 mm. Sepals, spreading or slightly reflexed, white or pink, occasionally purple tinged at apex, rarely purple throughout, oblong, ovate to broadly so, or triangular-ovate, 0.8-2 × 0.6-1.3 mm, glabrous, apex rounded to obtuse or miutely mammiform. Petals white, narrowly obtriangular, obdeltoid, obovate to broadly so to depressed-obovate, 0.5-2 × 0.6-1.9 mm, apical notch essentially lacking or to 1/2 length of petal; petal lobes rounded to truncate, rarely somewhat crenulate (in C. alpina subsp. an gustifolia). Stamens erect or ascending, less commonly spreading, equaling or slightly longer than style; nectary wholly within floral tube and inconspicuous. Fruiting pedicel and mature fruit 3.5-7.8 mm. Fruit clavate or obovoid, 1.6-2.7 × 0.5-1.2 mm, tapering smoothly to pedicel, locule 1, seed 1, without ribs or sulci, but pedicel extending as a shallow groove along upper surface. 2n = 22 (unknown in C. alpina subsp. micrantha).

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    "Rhizomes tuberous-thickened at the end; stems weak and soft, 1–3 dm; lvs thin, ovate or deltoid-ovate, 2–6 cm, usually more than half as wide, acute, sharply and coarsely undulate-dentate, broadly truncate to more commonly cordate at base; petioles thin and ± flat above, and with a conspicuous thin median wing beneath; racemes rarely with more than 15 fls, elongating to 1 dm in fr, the fls at anthesis all clustered at the still unelongated top; pedicels 2–6 mm, glabrous, spreading or slightly deflexed in fr; sep 1–2 mm, white or pinkish, glabrous; pet 1–2.5 mm, bilobed to about the middle or less; anthers 0.2–0.3 mm; disk nearly obsolete; stigma capitate or inconspicuously bilobed; fr 2–3 mm, unilocular and 1-seeded, not ribbed or furrowed; 2n=22. Moist or wet woods and mossy bogs; circumboreal, s. to N.Y., Ind., Io., and S.D., and in the mts. to N.C., Tenn., and N.M. June–Aug. Ours is var. alpina."

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    Ähnlich wie C. lutetiana, aber nur 5–20 cm hoch, unterer Teil des Stängels, Blüten- und Fruchtstiele völlig kahl. Blätter 1–5 cm lang, am Grund deutlich herzförmig und länger gezähnt, dünn und glänzend, Blattstiel kahl oder nur oberseits beh

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    6–8. Schattige, feuchte Bergwälder, (kollin-)montan-subalpin. CH, seltener M.

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    Other Local Names

    Striuna alpinaRaeto-RomanceCH
    Erba maga delle AlpiItalianCH
    Circée des AlpesFrenchCH


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