Citrullus caffer Schrad.
  • Enum. Pl. Afric. Austral
  • Citron, preserving or stock melon

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General Information

Vines annual. Stems climbing or trailing, 50–200 cm, villous; roots fibrous; tendrils 2–3-branched. Leaf blades ovate, 3–5-lobed, 3–8 cm, lobes pinnately shallowly sinuate-lobulate, margins denticulate, surfaces hirsute abaxially, hispid on veins and veinlets, glabrous or scabrous adaxially with translucent dots. Flowers: hypanthium broadly campanulate; sepals lanceolate, 3–5 mm; petals obovate-oblong to widely oblanceolate, 7–16 mm. Pepos green, mottled with paler green and yellowish to whitish stripes, globose to globose-ovoid, 15–25 cm diam.; rind tough, durable, mesocarp whitish, dry, bitter. Seeds tan or greenish, ovoid to oblong-ovoid, 7–15 mm. 2n = 22.

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    Other Local Names

    Citron, preserving or stock melon

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